Breast Cancer and Acupuncture Saratoga Springs

Women of today are increasingly turning away from conventional western medicine to get well from abnormal breast conditions. Many of them have turned to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that has been shown to be effective even by western science.  One such TCM practice is acupuncture Saratoga Springs.  This very versatile treatment gives females the opportunity to prevent breast ailments.

TCM has shown that when relieving a breast ailment, emotions which are stimulated by nerves play a key part on the rise of diseases of the breast.  Women are by nature moody creatures and their ever changing moods also increase their levels of stress which affects their energy or chi seen in the form of body fluids.  These fluids thicken and clog energy pathways and they also turn into nodules. The nodules greatly increase the chances of these women developing breast problems like breast cancer. Women are easily stressed out compared to men and they experience this everyday enabling a significant of women’s population to develop breast cancer over time.

The normal cells and tissues are attacked and destroyed by cancer cells.  They oftentimes spread by hitching a ride on the lymph fluid or the blood and developing cancer on other areas of the body. Research has revealed that more than 80% of females who have breast cancer are over the age of 50.

To know early on the symptoms and causes of breast cancer, the female needs to study her family medical history.  If anyone from your family has had breast cancer, the chances of another female member of the family getting breast cancer is high since breast cancer can be due to genetics.  Females who have started menstruation at an early age, have delayed menopause and even females who have never breast fed a child are good candidates for breast cancer.  Some studies also have revealed that women who have undergone hormone replacement therapy can also acquire breast cancer.

You need not be too alarmed if you happen to have lump on your breast.  Some lumps do not indicate the presence of breast tumors.  Still the best thing to do is to go to your doctor for a medical check up.  It is highly recommended that you go for monthly check ups to make sure of its condition and health especially if you are 50 and above since these are the times when you are highly prone to cancer and other types of diseases.  Have the doctor check you for tumors and cysts in the breast that can transform into cancer.

You need to detect breast cancer at its early stages to be able to fight it effectively.  Acupuncture can treat the painful symptoms of beast cancer. It is sometimes combined with chemotherapy to help neutralize the very negative side effects of chemotherapy.

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