Arthritis Prevention

There is no permanent cure for arthritis. Even the real reason why arthritis starts has not been figured out yet by scientists. To help arthritis from developing or flaring up, here are some advices that can prevent you from suffering from it and its symptoms.

Medical researchers now see a connection between excess weight/obesity to the risk of arthritis. Losing excess weight eases the strain and pressure on the joints and muscles and reduces the possibility of suffering osteoarthritis in the knees or spine. To lose weight, a lifestyle of regular exercise and eating a good and balanced diet are needed.

Foods that help a person get good nutrition and at the same time take in less calorie are those loaded with vitamins D,A, E and C. one can get enough adequate vit D by exposing yourself for 5 minutes under the sun. Doing this everyday assures you of getting about 5,000 iu of vit D providing you with very important health benefits.

As mentioned before, exercises, particularly low impact workouts like push ups and lifting weights are good in making the muscles flexible. These help you lose weight and strengthen your muscles and joints as well. Some effective exercises like yoga, tai-chi and pilates also help keep your muscles flexible. Other great and fun exercises that give you healthy muscles and joints include swimming, aerobics and running.

Do not over exercise and overstrain yourself as they may only weaken your muscles and joints making them prone to arthritis. Before doing any exercise, warm your body up and do some stretching exercises to make your muscles ready for the exercise itself. Drink lots of water to keep you from being dehydrated.

Women who are considering breast implant surgery should think twice before proceeding. Studies have revealed that there are women who developed arthritis after having breast implant operation after their antibodies began attacking the collagen in the implants. These women who’ve had implants then developed arthritis had to have their implants removed which immediately stopped their arthritic pain.

For chronic arthritis the best way to provide relief is by taking painkillers. Chronic arthritis sufferers can also apply liniment on the affected area or go to a physiotherapist and get a massage. If over-the-counter painkillers don’t work, it’s time take more powerful medications like anti-inflammatory prescription drugs that contain steroids.

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