Anti Aging Acupuncture Orlando

People having a basic idea of acupuncture see it merely as a treatment for illness and pain. However, acupuncture is also now seen as a quite potent anti-aging aid.  Acupuncture Orlando truly enables a person to look and as importantly feel much younger.

Cosmetic acupuncture or anti-aging acupuncture basically has beneficial effects on different levels of health.  It is a treatment that addresses not only the painful and non-painful symptoms of a disease but the disease and the cause of the disease as well.  Treating the skin presupposes acupuncture procedures that help stimulate the production and release of collagen and the enhanced circulation of blood in the target areas.  These procedures then reduce greatly the wrinkles and fine lines in the face and also tone the facial muscles allowing the skin become tight once more.  Acupuncture vivifies, tightens and lifts the skin tissue generating a vibrant and youthful look.  There is no surgery involved in acupuncture but the results will be as beautiful as or even better than cosmetic facial surgery.

Since acupuncture works in the exterior and interior part of the body, certain techniques help guarantee that the body is balanced and run in a smooth and efficient manner. The smooth functioning of the organs and other parts of the body means optimal health to the individual.  A healthy person who enjoys balance in the body has elevated energy level and positive emotional and mental health.  When acupuncture bestows a younger-looking appearance in a person, it also generates a higher level of energy in the body making the person feel vibrant and rejuvenated.  Cosmetic surgery can never give this kind of benefit that acupuncture freely gives.

Botox injections can cost more than a thousand dollars per year and it also comes with serious side effects such as difficulty in raising the eyebrows, eyelid droop, allergic reaction to the treatment, flu like symptoms, headaches, pain and can be contraindicated for pregnant women and people with specific medical conditions like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.  With facial acupuncture, the treatment may cost less or equal to Botox treatment.  The treatment can last six weeks with two sessions a week.  However, the effect of the treatment can last from to four years.  The side effects, if ever, for facial acupuncture is minimal and can be soreness that disappears within a day or two and slight bruising.

In many aspects, anti-aging acupuncture is much superior to Botox.  Botox treatment costs more and the effect of the treatment may only last a year or less.  It does not give any additional health benefits to the body unlike facial acupuncture.  In fact, as mentioned it can cause serious side effects to the body, something which acupuncture can never do

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