Acupuncture West Orange a Painless, Effective and Safe Therapy

Many people are wary of acupuncture West Orange treatment primarily because of the needles.  What motivates them to try acupuncture will be its hope of treating their conditions after all treatment options have failed.  In a more intelligent world, acupuncture should be one of the first options because it is a safe, natural and proven treatment for numerous types of sicknesses and ailments.  For those who have longstanding health conditions who have not considered acupuncture therapy, perhaps a visit to a highly experienced and licensed acupuncturist may be the long sought for answer to your health problems you have been waiting for.

Acupuncture is safe enough to treat children as young as 4 years old, safe even in applying needles on their feet, hands, scalp and even face.  Under the hands of a good and experienced acupuncturist, this treatment does not entail any discomfort at all and if one is felt, merely lasts a second or two.  Needles are universally feared but a patient willing to try out an exotic and novel therapy will be surprised at how pleasant the procedure actually is, and once they understand how effective and painless acupuncture really is, they will refer this wonderful treatment to friends and relations.  The sensation that may be felt upon needle insertion is like a dull ache and nervy, which typically lasts for a couple of seconds.

For classical Chinese practitioners, the needles they use are thicker and their style of treatment is more aggressive than the ones practiced by medical acupuncturists.  Naturally, people from Western countries will find this a bit unnerving but this style is really to induce greater sensations on the treatment sites.

The more painful and chronic one’s condition is, the more likely that person will try anything just to remove or alleviate the pain.  Many physicians are now recommending acupuncture for their patients who suffer from longstanding pain of unknown origin.  Typically, those suffering from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis and from prolonged low back pain are more apt to try out acupuncture.  Many of these patients have experienced life-changing benefits due to acupuncture and are now enjoying their daily lives free from the debilitating pain that characterized their lives before.

Whatever the reason that made them try acupuncture, most of these people are now converted adherents of acupuncture.  They may still hang on to their painkillers and analgesics but if the condition gets unbearable that medications can no longer give them the relief they need, they will always have acupuncture to fall back on.  It is the desperation of some people who are afraid of needles in trying to find an answer to their pain and distress that acupuncture is perceived as a treatment of last resort.  Well, for many people that is certainly the case.  Thanks to that desperate search, they have now an effective and safe recourse to their sufferings.

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