Acupuncture Treatment for Weight Loss Can Resolve Your Weight Problem Permanently

At some point in our lives, some of us may have attempted to lose weight by trying every diet known to man, only to ultimately go back to or even increase our old obese weight. It seems most of us were not meant to be thin no matter how hard we try. The problem, however, when we are overweight, it tends to negatively affect our life and health in a major way, and we end up having no energy that can help us pursue all that life has to offer. Western dietary approaches just don’t work due to the fact that most of them either force us to exercise even when we hate doing them or they involve unhealthy eating practices. However, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) offers a different approach that besides helping us shed off weight can also help us maintain a healthy balance. This approach is called acupuncture weight loss treatment.

Most of us who have tried crash and fad diets know that they don’t work. When we follow these diets, we are forced into unnatural regimens that are unable to sustain us either mentally or physically. Sometimes, we get swayed by TV ads showing wealthy celebrities with access to private trainers and personal chefs that help keep these celebrities trim and healthy. So we try their weight loss programs. We may succeed for a while but in the end we regain the weight we have lost and perhaps, even more. All of us are searching for a way that will help us shed off the weight and keep it off for good. Perhaps the treatment that may really work for us is acupuncture.

In Western culture, acupuncture for weight loss treatment has been extensively researched for the past few years. In 2003, the JAMA (Journal of Medical Acupuncture) did a research showing that people in the group treated with acupuncture lost more than three times as much weight as the people in the group that did not get acupuncture treatment. A 1998 university study conducted in Australia revealed that the persons who received acupuncture had their appetites reduced and lost more weight than people who weren’t treated with acupuncture. The volume of scientific studies is growing, and all of it shows that acupuncture truly is as an effective weight loss treatment.

So how does Acupuncture work?

Combined with Chinese herbal medicine and food therapy, acupuncture increases metabolism, reduces food cravings, and normalizes our endocrine, nervous, and digestive systems. All these benefits can help the body lose weight by:

o Lowering anxiety
o Regulating waste removal
o Energizing the body
o Maximizing nutrient absorption
o Suppressing appetite and controlling cravings

When you compare these outcomes to those you have gained through dieting, you would know that acupuncture treatment in Jacksonville for weight loss has the real potential to resolve your weight problem permanently.

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