Acupuncture Therapy And Moxibustion For Benign Prostate Enlargement

I would like to share some information with you about benign prostate enlargement. This condition occurs in 40% of males in their 50s and almost 90% in men ages 80 years old and above. The symptoms of benign prostate enlargement include frequent and urgent urination especially at night, slow urine flow, difficulty in emptying the bladder and dribbling of urine.

Interestingly, an 80-year-old male may not have all the symptoms and only get up once a night even with the same degree of enlarged prostate. On the other hand, certain 40-year-old males can manifest all the symptoms and may need to get up two to three times a night to urinate.

What are the causes of benign prostate enlargement?

Inflammation plays an important role in this condition. If a man does not eat a healthy diet and drinks too much coffee or alcohol, he can develop systemic inflammation and that can also affect the prostate. In addition, the alcohol can create the condition called estrogen dominance, which means his estrogen and testosterone are not perfectly balanced.

With too much estrogen in the body, this can stimulate the growth of the prostate tissue.

How to avoid prostate enlargement

In order to avoid inflammation and reduce all your urination problems, you should avoid simple sugar and too much intake of coffee or alcohol everyday. Once the inflammation is reduced, even though the enlarged prostate has not changed, your symptoms would be reduced. After you change your lifestyle, if the problem still exists, then you could try acupuncture in Maitland.

A new study published in 2014, conducted by Dr. Shi in China, recruited 128 patients that were randomly divided into two groups. One group was assigned to acupuncture therapy and moxibustion. The other group was treated with a certain Chinese herbal tablet. After a couple of weeks of treatment, the researchers compared the maximum urine flow and the amount of retained urine in the two groups.

Both groups have significantly improved their symptoms meaning they had less urine retention after emptying their bladder and increased maximum urine flow. However, the effective rate is different in the acupuncture plus moxibustion group, which is approximately about 86% effective rate while the Chinese herbal tablet group is about 68%.

The points used in acupuncture treatment are located in the back and are called Bladder 23 and Bladder 28 while in the front, CV 3, CV 4 and Stomach 28.

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