Acupuncture Overland Park and Respiratory Health

The rise in respiratory diseases has always correlated with the increasing air pollution coming from vehicles, factories and others.  Respiratory disease is a serious problem in many cities especially in third world countries where 20 to even 50 year-old diesel engines are still being used for mass transportation enabled by bureaucratic red tape, lack of environmental and health laws, ignorance and corruption.  There are many ways to treat these problems; however, many of them are about drug medications.  Still, there are safer and more natural alternatives for treatment that exclude pharmaceutical drugs and are effective.  One of these is acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture Overland Park treatment is a form of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) used by the Chinese for thousands of years as an answer to many of their health problems.  TCM and acupuncture believe that an energy called chi, which means vital force or life energy, constantly flows through our body similar to blood flowing through the circulatory system. Chi flows along energy pathways in the body called meridians. The meridians are numerous and form networks, connecting to acupuncture points and to different parts of the body including organs, tissues and.

According to TCM, respiratory disorders are due to disruptions or blockages in the energy pathways. With acupuncture and other types of TCM modalities, the blockages can be removed reestablishing chi flow and restoring good health once again to the individual.  Acupuncture is about the insertion of needles in specific body parts called acupuncture points. Acupuncture points connect to meridians that in turn connect to specific body parts and organs.  The needles are manipulated by the acupuncturist as they are inserted through the skin in order stimulate a desired response. A treatment may last from 30 to 40 minutes during which one can experience sensations such as pinches, tingles or numbness in some parts of the body at the start and comfort and relaxation as the session progresses.  The pinching sensation elicits muscle contraction and relaxation, which enables better blood circulation.  Acupuncture treatment for respiratory problems includes treatment for asthma, pulmonary disease and bronchitis among others.

For asthma, acupuncture helps regulate and normalize gland secretion, boosts the immune system to help reduce allergic reactions, lessens asthmatic attacks and stabilizes the functions of the nervous system, which in all equips the body to neutralize asthma.  For pulmonary disease, acupuncture boosts the immune system, and regulates the respiratory process.  Acupuncture increases the body’s ability to fight the pathogens and helps strengthen the body.  For bronchitis, which is the result of lung tissue injury, acupuncture regulates the respiration, helping the lungs to enhance oxygen circulation to tissues getting less oxygen prior to acupuncture.  Acupuncture also provides treatment for sinusitis, colds, emphysema, cough and others.  Rather than immerse oneself to pharmaceutical therapy where in the long-term, the body accumulates debilitating toxins lethal to the kidneys and liver, acupuncture provides a better and natural alternative for better health.

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