Acupuncture Orlando Helps in Alleviating Autism Symptoms

The dramatic increase of autistic children around the world has caused a great amount of concern around the world, particularly in the United State where it is suspected that the rise of children’s vaccination correlated almost perfectly with the rise of children’s autism.  Health researchers, doctors and parents alike are now considering alternative medical treatments such as acupuncture Orlando to treat or at least address the symptoms of autism.  While still considered as some form of pseudo medicine by hard-core fanatics of conventional medicine, acupuncture has actually been treating countless numbers of people of many types of illnesses and ailments throughout thousands of years.  It uses needles that are as thin as filaments inserting them at over 400 acupuncture points linked through energy channels called meridians.  The needles stimulate a beneficial health effect that allows balance of energy to the body.

Autism is a long term nervous system disorder that manifests as handicaps in motor function, cognition and speech. Autistic children can easily be agitated and suffer from personality disorders such as obsessive-compulsive behavior, short attention span, temper tantrums, hyperactivity, irritability and aggression among others.

A test done in the US involving 22 autistic children all given acupuncture treatment once every other day for four months showed that 20 of the 22 exhibited positive and oftentimes dramatic improvement.  The process was understandably hard at first considering that needles were involved but the children soon learned that the needles used were not giving them pain during the treatment and were in fact making them calm and relaxed and improving their situation.

Another study done in Hong Kong involving 30 autistic children treated with tongue acupuncture showed that a majority experienced significant improvement in function some better than others especially when considering the age and degree of autism per child.

Some of the more obvious improvements seen were the improvement in balance when walking, ataxia, the tiptoeing or scissoring style of walking and the drooling.  The children themselves were cognizant of the improvement and even when they felt pain and bled during the tongue needling, they nevertheless persevered in the treatment probably because of an unspoken but ardent desire to become normal functioning individuals.

Tongue acupuncture was selected as the mode of treatment because acupuncturists believe that there is a meridian connection between the heart and the tongue, which acupuncturists believe is also affected by autism.  The tongue also houses several meridians corresponding to most of the major organs of the body.  So treatment in this particular organ can be very beneficial for one suffering from autism.

Acupuncture as a stand alone treatment for autism is not enough.  A well prepared diet involving vitamin D rich foods and non-gluten foods can help improve the symptoms of autism.  It is highly advisable to shun any type of injections or vaccines that may contain mercury and mercury based products such as thimerosal, widely believed to destroy brain neurons.

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