Acupuncture for Infertility

Knowing how to improve your likelihood for achieving pregnancy can be quite a challenging occasion. There are many treatment combinations for offsetting infertility but the real challenge is to find a treatment combination that is effective for you.  Infertility treatments can be of the traditional and holistic persuasions.

Most of the time however, female infertility problems are caused by imbalanced hormonal fluctuations. Factors such as beauty and household products, lifestyle, body temperature, mood, stress and weight can all transform a perfectly healthy woman into someone who may end up suffering from infertility.

Do not be discouraged if you have failed to conceive after trying so for a year or more. A lot of women are having the same problem as you have.  The fact is the US is experiencing a growing fertility problem termed “unexplained infertility” each passing year. Medical doctors diagnose a patient with “fertility due to unknown cause” after they have tried surgeries, injections and drugs without success.  These conventional doctors are bound by the American Medical Association to only utilize conventional medical procedures to address health conditions.  They are liable for malpractice without defense if they try unapproved or unconventional modalities and cause a side effect or fail on the patient.  When all conventional procedures fail to resolve your infertility, these doctors set the blame on your body or you by diagnosing you as a person suffering from unexplained infertility.

The term unexplained fertility oftentimes generates a feeing of anxiety and helplessness on the patient who has earnestly tried everything but has failed in becoming pregnant. The good side to this is that the patient now can turn her attention to alternative natural infertility treatments that can better her chances for attaining pregnancy using with methods that have been practiced with great success for thousands of years.

The turbulent and unhealthy way of life of a large part of the US population manifests very poor lifestyle choices that greatly impact fertility rates of both male and female. Non-organic foods and foods laced with chemicals as well as the plastics we use for eating and drinking that are made of Bisphenol A (BPA) all have a tremendous negative effect on our fertility rates. Added to these factors is the frenetic pace we live our life that all lead to problems in male and female infertility.

It is very hard to avoid these factors since they permeate our culture. However, there are basic and easy ways to achieve pregnancy that both medical doctors and holistic practitioners recommend. They can greatly increase the likelihood of pregnancy. These factors are:


Whether you like it or not what you eat does impact fertility in a major way.  Unless a woman is morbidly obese, women with extra pounds are likewise capable of pregnancy. So diet merely refers to the kinds of food you eat.

If you frequently take in processed sugars, for example, your insulin and blood sugar levels will be seriously impacted causing imbalances in your hormones eventually. Foods with soy lecithin and soy can likewise impact your hormone levels since they produce estrogen that mimics hormones in the body. So, besides disrupting hormonal balance and making it difficult for women to conceive, these kinds of foods can lead to male infertility and breast cancers in women as well.

If you plan to buy foods, choose organic meat as well as organic vegetables and fruits. In buying dairy and protein based foods, select those that are free of hormones. If that’s not possible (buying 100% organic foods) try to choose some organic foods if they’re available.

Lifestyle – Acupuncture, Exercise and Stress:

Acupuncture is a very potent oriental type of modality that can literally address dozens of conditions and illnesses. It can improve the uterine lining thickness in women, improve sperm motility and quality in men and enhance blood circulation.

Yoga is also very effective in improving a person’s blood flow especially in his/her reproductive organs. Yoga helps relax the connective tissues and muscles in certain parts of the body including the groin, pelvic area and the lower back helping to improve blood flow in those areas.  It also enables a person to relieve mental and physical stress as well as strengthen and relax the body.

One of the major contributors of many health conditions from cardiovascular diseases to infertility is stress. Stress can wreak a lot of damage to your body. Combined with poor diet, stress can be the primary reason why you suffer from infertility. Therefore, a change in one’s diet and a less stressful lifestyle are necessary to help women overcome their infertility.

Studies done just recently involving a group of women who underwent stress management programs gained 160% success rates in attaining pregnancy while under IVF therapies. The study revealed just how much stress can negatively impact the fertility of women.

Some recommendations in relieving stress include:
Time away from work
Day trips
Taking walks

The best way to be treated of infertility is to combine holistic and traditional modalities for infertility. There are many ways to address infertility. The aim is to utilize holistic practices to attend to the underlying causes of the infertility and then avail of mild conventional treatments to address the root problem after it has been diagnosed. A lot of women have gained better success compared to utilizing a single method alone.

Knowing how to better your chances of conceiving can be a challenge. Seeking out help from a health specialist can greatly improve your chances of pregnancy and make your search a lot less daunting and confusing.

The truth is Infertility can be treated with acupuncture and many by other types of modalities. It is a condition that is very reversible. Injections and pills do have certain undesirable side effects especially when applied for the treatment of reproductive or hormonal issues that lowers the body’s chance of getting pregnant.

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