Acupuncture West Orange Benefits for Pregnancy

For pregnant women, acupuncture West Orange is a very good way to remove so-called maternal toxins in the womb.  These toxins can lead to fever, recurring illnesses and skin allergies in the child.  Listed below are the benefits of regular acupuncture for pregnant women at different stages of pregnancy.

First trimester – In a study done in the UK acupuncture treatment done on 600 women in the first trimester of pregnancy observed that these women reported less tiredness, headaches/migraines, edema and hemorrhage as well as less episodes of nausea.

The addition of Chinese herbal medicine with regular acupuncture treatment does make the effects much better and work faster.  For the first trimester, ear acupuncture or acupressure is much safer for pregnant women due to less chance of complications.

Second trimester – The acupuncture benefits at this stage are the reduction of heartburn, hemorrhoids and mental strain.  In addition, the reduction of edema, high blood pressure, and weight gain are also noted.

Third trimester – At this stage, acupuncture treatment is widely known to be a safe therapy.  Acupuncture is very effective in treating a host of problems including sciatica, back and pelvic pain and carpal tunnel pain.  Women at this stage are heavier and many of them suffer from backaches.  According to Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica, acupuncture is a very good and superior answer for back pains at this stage than the other therapies around.

For every four pregnant women, one is suffering from pelvic girdle pain in the third trimester.  In a study in the UK of 390 pregnant women broken up into three groups, the group treated with acupuncture experienced the least distress and pain from pelvic girdle pain.  Pregnant women who are experiencing this disorder are not encouraged to take medications as they may potentially harm the child.  Acupuncture is the safest treatment for pain for pregnant women.

During labor – Acupuncture has proven to induce labor on overdue pregnancy deliveries.  It also has been observed to assist repositioning babies back in a normal position when the baby was in a breech presentation.  With the aid of moxibustion, breech positions were turned into a normal birth position where the head is positioned at the opening of the uterus.  Acupuncture also alleviates labor pain and increases the energy and vitality of the mother.  It also is effective in stopping bleeding after delivery.

Post-partum – Regardless of the delivery procedure used (regular birth or caesarian), acupuncture takes away delivery pain effectively and promptly.  Since acupuncture is all about balancing the body, post partum depression and stress can naturally be addressed with post-delivery acupuncture.  One study in the UK confirmed this when women suffering from post-partum depression treated with acupuncture were relieved of depression and stress and are now living relatively worry and stress-free lives.

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