Acupuncture Saratoga Springs and TMJ

The temporomandibular joint is the joint that connects the upper and lower jaws.  TMJ refers to the pain and dysfunction affecting such joints.  TMJ pain and symptoms are treatable with acupuncture.  Acupuncture Saratoga Springs is one of the most popular and effective forms of alternative medicine treatments that can reduce the pain and discomforts caused by TMJ. Studies throughout the years have shown that acupuncture for TMJ significantly reduces short-term muscle pain.  Acupuncture for TMJ can be used in conjunction with other TMJ modalities, including medications taken for severe TMJ cases.  Acupuncture can even be used solely with out any drug assistance, which is a good idea considering its use does not cause any side effects unlike the medications used for TMJ pain relief.

Acupuncture treatment is directed towards the main cause of the pain and holistically heals both the mind and body.  The needles are inserted at points connected to a network of energy channels referred to as meridians, which helps relax the neuromuscular tension in the jaw. The stress and contractions in the jaw and face are what causes TMJ pain so by helping relax the neuromuscular tension, the pain gets relieved. This in turn significantly decreases the stress level in the whole body, relieving the discomforts associated with TMJ.

Usually, patients with TMJ who are in the chronic stages of pain are advised to endure six or more acupuncture treatments, while those with less severe conditions can be treated in four sessions. There are cases where patients might be needed to come back to reorient the body after treatment to avoid relapses and complications. Acupuncture therapy will not be completely successful unless the patient changes his/her lifestyle and diet that make him/her prone to TMJ disorders again.  A less stressful lifestyle, jaw-stretching exercises, exercises to relax the mind and body and proper chewing are highly advisable activities for proper TMJ maintenance.

It is wise to note that when opting for acupuncture therapy for TMJ treatment, consult with an acupuncturist who has a long and successful experience dealing with this type of disorder.  A good acupuncturist would not only consider looking at the immediate problems causing the disorder, he/she would see other factors and circumstances that may seem secondary and remote to the problem itself but in reality, play a key part in why the problem exists in the first place.  Acupuncture for TMJ involves needles that may be inserted in the area of pain, which may be on the ear, knees elbows among others.  Only a trained acupuncturist should be allowed to do this since acupuncture in an inexperienced person’s hands can be dangerous and deadly for the patient and further disrupt the flow of Qi in the body, which could worsen the patient’s health.

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