Acupressure Therapy For Cooling Down The Body & Mind

In this article, I’m going to be showing you some key acupressure points that you can use at home to clear heat and cool down your system.

The first acupuncture point that we’re going to be covering today is called LI 11. This point is located at the outer end of your elbow crease. This point is really amazing at clearing skin rashes and fever as well as for any kind of heat stroke. Usually, I use this point for skin rashes as it’s great for treating the skin.

The next point that we’re going to go ahead and call is called LI 4. It is located on your hand, in between your first and second metacarpal bones. This is a very, very common point to press. This point is called a master point in that we use it to treat any symptoms on the head. That includes any headaches from heat or any red and dry eyes from the summertime, as well as, any allergy symptoms.

This is also a point that is really useful in the summertime for any head symptoms, such as those mentioned before. It is also really easy to press, especially whenever you’re taking breaks from work, or in between any desk work. You can just massage that point right there and it will help cool down your body, but more specifically, the head.

An important thing to remember for the LI 4 acupoint is that you should NOT use it if you are pregnant or are planning to be pregnant.

The next point that we will be covering is called Pc 3. It is located at the ulnar side of the tendon medial biceps brachii, which is the pinky side in the elbow crease. This point is really useful for any beginning signs of heat stroke, as well as for skin eruptions or skin rashes that you may have during the summertime. It’s also a really great acupoint for calming the nervous system.

So if you’re having a particularly busy day, it is also a great point to go ahead and apply acupressure. The last point that we’ll be covering today is Ht 8. You can locate Ht 8 on the palm of your hands. If you go ahead and make a loose fist, it is going to be where your pinky rests on the hand. It’s in between the pinky and the ring finger.

This point is really great for a lot of heat symptoms that correlate with the throat. So if you are having a dry throat or excessive thirst as well as a sore throat, it will be a great point to acupressure. Since Ht 8 is on the heart channel, it’s great for treating any kind of insomnia due to heat, and it is also great for treating any tongue ulcers due to heat.

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