A Modern Overview Of Chinese Cupping Therapy

Recently, there is growing evidence of the potential benefits of Chinese cupping therapy in Orlando for the treatment of pain-related infirmities. This article provides an overview of the practice of cupping therapy. In addition, this article recommends a new categorization of cupping therapy sets, a current categorization of the forms… Continue reading

Cupping Therapy And Pure Salt Therapy Can Work For The Treatment Of Type 2 Diabetes

There are two kinds of diabetes: diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus. Diabetes Mellitus Seven percent of the general population suffers from diabetes mellitus. This type of diabetes can be divided into insulin-dependent (type 1 diabetes) and non insulin-dependent (type 2 diabetes). Ten percent of diabetes mellitus sufferers have type-1 diabetes… Continue reading

Cupping Therapy As An Excellent Tool Against Uncontrollable Coughing

Cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine (now often called Oriental Medicine) treatment that originated thousands of years ago in Asia. It is a holistic medical procedure which is part of alternative medicine. Placing pneumatic plastic cups to specific areas of the body is very effective and potent in relieving the… Continue reading