Marketing For Acupuncturists Is The Key To Success.

As I was browsing the web yesterday looking for acupuncture marketing tips, I came across a blog with an interesting article about getting testimonials from your patients. What caught my attention was that I never thought there was a wrong way of asking for a testimonial. You would think that if you want to acquire testimonials you just ask for them. But what I learned made sense. It goes back to the old saying of opportunity only knocks once. You see, the author makes a point when he says that your best shot of getting the testimonial is when your patient is telling you how great they feel with your acupuncture treatments. This is the moment of opportunity you have to take advantage of because if you let it go by, your chances of getting that important recommendation will most likely be lost for good. If I remember correctly, in the article he says that there’s a 95% chance your patient will be happy to give you a testimonial because they themselves are the ones brining up the fact that your treatments are working and they’re happy with the results. If you miss this chance you may not get it again.

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