Correcting Hormonal Imbalances with Acupuncture Davis

Correcting imbalances in hormone function can be a complicated process to achieve especially with regards to the female endocrine system.  Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), especially herbs and acupuncture Davis is one effective way to address imbalances in the female hormonal function.  The endocrine system basically exists to produce and distribute… Continue reading

Acupuncture Davis for Effective Pain Relief

Who does not hate needles being stuck in one’s skin?  The idea of inserting needles in the body to treat aliments seems a bit bizarre and rather scary.  That is why many people do not consider acupuncture as a treatment for their sicknesses. However, some pains are rather hard to… Continue reading

Removing Stress and Infertility with Acupuncture Davis

Infertility acupuncture Davis is used as treatment for both male and female infertility conditions. The initial benefit of this type of treatment is its ability to reduce stress in both the mind and body which is always the best first step to attain the natural balance of the body once… Continue reading

Some Ways to Treat Morning Sickness in Davis

Unfortunately, around 75% of pregnant women experience morning sickness and it has forced them to look for solutions to treat this problem.  Some women may experience morning sickness early on in their pregnancy, some in the middle of their pregnancy and some may suffer from this condition much later on… Continue reading

Acupuncture Davis Helps You to Lose Weight

Just a little exposure to a crowd and one can see that there are quite a few people who are overweight.  It is always tempting to eat a Chinese restaurant or grab a few items at a drive-in fast food store where the foods are greasy and oily and/or laden… Continue reading

Curing Infertility with Acupuncture Davis

The ancient roots of acupuncture Davis are as old as the Egyptian and Chinese civilizations.  However, it is in China that this treatment has found roots as a way of improving and restoring the health of the individual.  In China it has been used to promote and enhance fertility for… Continue reading

Sciatica, Golfer’s Swing and Acupuncture Davis

The Chinese have used acupuncture Davis to treat sciatic pain for ages.  Sciatic pain or sciatica for short is pain in the lower back caused by swelling, compression and irritation of the sciatic nerve that spreads down to the back of the leg.  The causes of this swelling, compression and… Continue reading

Acupuncture Davis and Reproductive Assisted Programs

Acupuncture Davis is an ancient Oriental healing tradition whose aim is to restore balance of energy (chi) in the body to advance health and remove blockages and dysfunctions.  Several thin gold or stainless steel needles are applied into 400 or more energy points called acupoints (although not all acupoints are… Continue reading

The Wonders of Acupuncture Davis

No one who has had acupuncture regularly will say it does not work.  Many people aver to its efficacy for a number of conditions.  This beautiful ancient healing art is much more than prickly needles inserted in various parts of the body.  Scientists now ascertain it as stimulating and influencing… Continue reading

Acupuncture Davis for Face Lift

Acupuncture Davis can be used to tone the skin and make one look young again.  Acupuncture is an old art that has benefited the Chinese for thousands of years as a treatment for many kinds of ailments and disorders.  Using this craft as a form of cosmetic surgery is practically… Continue reading