Breast Cancer and Acupuncture New York

Women of today are increasingly turning away from conventional western medicine to get well from abnormal breast conditions. Many of them have turned to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that has been shown to be effective even by western science.  One such TCM practice is acupuncture New York.  This very versatile… Continue reading

The Benefits of Acupuncture New York Treatment

Acupuncture New York is one of the oldest forms of healing.  The Chinese have used it for around 4000 yrs.  It is the most popular form of healing through natural means and one of the most effective.  It was introduced in the United States since the 1970’s and since then, millions… Continue reading

Natural Treatments for Back Pain Pregnancy

Each pregnant woman would want to see deliver a happy and healthy baby into the world.  Pregnancy may be filled with excited anticipation but oftentimes it is filled with pain.  Times will occur during pregnancy when the woman’s ankles, hips and back would be affected by the increasing weight of… Continue reading

Acupuncture New York and Natural Diet for Weight Loss

True, effective and lasting weight loss is everything the avid health conscious person is looking for nowadays.  Most overweight people want to lose weight to look good again while some seek to lose weight to become healthy and physically fit first of all.  Losing weight is an ego booster as… Continue reading

Acupuncture New York Helps in Alleviating Autism Symptoms

The dramatic increase of autistic children around the world has caused a great amount of concern around the world, particularly in the United State where it is suspected that the rise of children’s vaccination correlated almost perfectly with the rise of children’s autism.  Health researchers, doctors and parents alike are… Continue reading

Treating Physical and Emotional Disorders with Acupuncture New York

Acupuncture New York is probably the oldest form of medicine not only in China but in the whole world as well.  Its foundation is grounded in Taoist philosophy where adherents believe that life-giving energy not only flows inside the body of human beings but in other living beings as well…. Continue reading

Management of Fibromyalgia Symptoms with Acupuncture New York

One of the best alternative treatments for painful fibromyalgia symptoms is acupuncture.  Acupuncture New York has been around for more than 3000 years and is part of an ancient Chinese medical tradition known as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  It has been used throughout time for treating painful symptoms caused by… Continue reading

Cupping Acupuncture New York

Acupuncture New York is an ancient Chinese medical tradition involving the use and insertion of hair thin needles into the skin.  These needles help in the removal of pains in the body and can help in the treatment of infertility or relief from symptoms of cancer to name just a… Continue reading

The Success of Acupuncture New York

Acupuncture New York treatment avails of invisible networks called meridians that connect to major organs, the nervous system and blood vessels to balance and regulate the body systems including the nervous system and improve blood circulation to help treat ailments and banish pain.  It is quite difficult to look for… Continue reading

The Effectiveness of Acupuncture New York

Acupuncture New York is an ancient medicinal art practiced in China for more than 4,000 years.  The foundation of acupuncture is the notion that all living things possess Qi or chi, which means vital or life energy.  This chi flows along twelve intangible energy pathways called meridians, which act similar… Continue reading